Downtown Dayton Ohio 1970

8mm film shot in 1970 of downtown Dayton Ohio as part of a film project during my Junior year at Chaminade High School. Filmed by Joseph Slonaker, Gus Miklos and Steve Murphy. I remember we showed it in the auditorium set to the music of “Classical Gas”. We wanted it to be “quick cuts” just like the famous film shown on the Smothers Brothers show of art work set to the same music. Of course we had no editing equipment, so we had to shoot it that way in the camera. It took weeks of walking around in our spare time to get this 8 1/2 minutes of film. Looks pretty cheesy now, but at the time everyone thought it was pretty far out and groovy, man! You can make out some of the old buildings of Dayton that are since long gone.

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